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Behind the Design

The Stone of Heaven

Lapis Lazuli is a relatively rare semi-precious stone known for its intense blue color. Lapis is the Latin word for "stone" and lazuli is the genitive form of the Medieval Latin lazulum, which is taken from the Arabian lāzaward, meaning "heaven" or "sky."

Lapis Lazuli is known to have healing and spiritual energy and is known for quickly releasing stress, allowing for peace and serenity. Lapis Lazuli's dark blue energy enhances respect and compassion in ourselves, while teaching us humanity and honor.

The Lapis Lazuli gemstones was mined in Badakhshan, Afghanistan under the watchful eye of Fawzia Koofi, Afghan Member of Parliament and first woman to run for President of Afghanistan. The raw Lapis was milled into beads by an Afghan woman owned business.

The beads were previously crafted into bracelets by Afghan Army widows trained as artisans in Kabul. After the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan, the widows are no longer able to work. Bracelets are now crafted by our Afghan program manager, Bushra, who was able to leave Afghanistan and the proceeds from the sales are sent to the widows in Afghanistan.



 Behind the Design