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Afghan Hope Project

In a country devastated by war, Afghan women are left widowed with limited resources and lose power and freedom. Leaving them without food, heat or electricity and unsure how to provide for their families. The Afghan Hope Project, seeks out these widows to handcraft bracelets from precious Lapis Lazuli stones that are harvested in Afghanistan. The raw Lapis is milled into beads by an Afghan women owned business, and those beads are then crafted into bracelets by Afghan Army widows trained as artisans in Kabul. Each bracelet produced, provides an income to these women to support their families. The bracelets are then shipped to the United States where they are wrapped with love by the families of our fallen heroes. 

Since the Taliban took Kabul in August, the army widows have been unable to obtain the supplies needed to produce more bracelets but by selling our current inventory, TAPS is able to provide them each a stipend to see them through the winter.  We are continuing to work with contacts in the region in an effort to provide the widows with ongoing opportunities.


Artwork by Paige Payne