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Lapis Teardrop Necklace with Charm

Lapis Teardrop Necklace with Charm

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Share the love while giving hope with the TAPS Lapis Teardrop Necklace! 

This stunning necklace represents a global collaboration and community of American and Afghan military widows - coming together to support one another - to empower women in Afghanistan, providing them with the opportunity to earn a living wage to support their families, educate themselves and their children and create a new future for their country.

Each teardrop pendant is lovingly handcrafted by an Afghan military widow. They use sterling silver and a semi-precious gemstone native to Afghanistan called Lapis Lazuli, widely known as "the stone of heaven."   

Once sent to the United States, these pendants are placed on a chain, adorned with a charm and packaged by our very own TAPS family, staff and volunteers. The sterling silver charm represents opportunity.  Help us put the "brass ring" within their grasp!  

  • Lapis teardrop pendant measures 4.5 cm 
  • Sterling silver charm and bale
  • 22" stainless steel chain
  • Handmade in a collaboration between women in Afghanistan and the USA
  • 100% of proceeds go to the Afghan Hope Project and other TAPS Programs like Good Grief Camps for the children of America's fallen heroes.  
  • Please Note:  Each necklace is handmade with unique, semi-precious gemstones.  Therefore, yours may differ slightly from the image.

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