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Lapis Mala Beads
Lapis Mala Beads
Lapis Mala Beads
Lapis Mala Beads

Lapis Mala Beads

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TAPS Lapis Mala Beads are lovingly handmade with semi-precious Lapis Lazuli gemstones to help you in your practice of relaxation and intention setting.  Release your anxiety with a renewed focus on hope, peace, inner balance and love.

These beads of hope and healing are a symbol of global collaboration and community of American and Afghan military widows - coming together to support one another - to empower women in Afghanistan, providing them with the opportunity to earn a living wage to support their families, educate themselves and their children and create a new future for their country.  

  • The traditional length strands include 108 hand-knotted 6 mm beads and are finished with either a lapis heart or a tassel.  
  • They can be worn on the wrist or neck or used as decorative art.
  • Each one is handmade in a collaboration between women in Afghanistan and the USA.
  • 100% of proceeds go to support the Afghan Hope Project and other TAPS programs like Good Grief Camps for the children of America's fallen heroes.
  • Please Note: Each set of Mala Beads is handmade with semi-precious gemstones, therefore, each bead is unique and may differ slightly from image.

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